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The MAID Tray 3 Ways

The MAID Tray 3 Ways


When it comes to offering modern, stylish homewares, Salt&Pepper is at the top of our list. The family owned and Australian designed brand has been synonymous for developing contemporary home accessories, consistently producing cutting edge ranges built on innovation, quality and affordability. 

While their products speak for themselves, we wanted to shine a light on one of their more modest products, The MAID Breakfast Tray, and share with you why we think it’s one of their must have products and why it’s so much more than a humble breakfast tray. 




Before we show you what it has to offer, let's get you familiar with the MAID Tray. Think a sleek modern aesthetic and the warmth of sustainably sourced Acacia timber, combined with the subtle industrial look of its stable iron legs. It’s portable, durable and food safe. 

The legs fold away for easy storage and use as a traditional tray or stand steady to support your favourite breakfast (or pot plant, or photos, or drinks). The tray itself is a massive 50 x 32 cm, with a raised edge to stop your food spilling out (or to catch spills. One customer uses it as a portable meal tray for her toddler to help keep his mess contained). 

It’s the perfect gifting base, either on its own or with a few additions, and we’ve chosen to show you our 3 favourite uses, but don’t think that this is all its capable of. As stylish as it is versatile, the MAID Tray offers limitless design possibilities. 




We know. We already told you that it’s so much more than a humble breakfast tray, but we couldn’t help but include this. After all, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? 

It’s the simplest and easiest way to use the MAID Tray, and in terms of gifting, is guaranteed to earn you brownie points. 


mother day breakfast in bed maid tray


Just picture it- you've forgotten your anniversary, or you’ve been too busy to get a birthday gift or you were organised, but the post is slow and your gift hasn’t arrived, you need something quick. You whip out your MAID Tray, heat up a croissant. An artfully prepared coffee, croissant presented on their favourite dinnerware (Salt&Pepper as well of course), a fresh flower from the garden and your done. Your favourite person wakes up to the delicious smell of a lovingly prepared meal and you have redeemed yourself without them even knowing there was a problem. 

The perfect, functional, traditional use for our MAID Tray, and the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. 



This was our favourite use of the MAID Tray for our photo shoot. We love food and our grazing platter was so easy to put together and looks amazing! 

This is honestly the MAID Tray at its best. The raised edges are perfect for holding all your favourite foods in place, and using the legs down raises it up to be the star of the table. This is a quick and stylish way to turn a simple get together into a gourmet affair. 


mothers day blog picnic maid tray


We used our beacon ramekins and D’Sylva dip bowls to hold dips and crudites (raw vegetable sticks), and filled in the gaps. Cheeses, fresh fruit and nuts, deli meats, olives and sundried tomato's and lastly a variety of crackers, and you have a gourmet grazing platter fit for fine dining. 

Start indoors and then move the party outside, the MAID Tray is easy to transport so you can have nibbles and a glass of wine while sitting around the fire with friends. Or set it up on your beach picnic and keep your food out of the sand while enjoying a romantic glass of wine while watching the sun set. 

The possibilities are endless! And delicious. Very, very delicious. 




An unconventional use for the MAID Tray, we wanted to show you a way you can use it as a decorative piece in your home (that doesn’t involve food). As a styling piece the MAID Tray is gorgeous. We are repeating ourselves, but the warmth of the timber is one of our favourite features, and it lends itself easily to styling. 


mothers day blog, styling maid tray


We used it on a side board to create a vignette, perfect for highlighting special items and photos. It’s use as a vignette makes it a great seasonal piece, as items can be interchanged with the seasons, making it an invaluable tool when refreshing a room. 

It could be easily used to style a coffee table or to create a centrepiece on a dining table, and makes a great base for a gift (house warming, birthday, and lets not forget Mother’s Day is on its way). 

We love it paired with a candle, your favourite pot plant (we know you have one) in a stylish pot, and with a photo frame. A ready made vignette that makes a beautiful gifting idea.



All of these ideas are so easy to put together and look amazing! The MAID Tray really is as stylish as it is versatile, and is a must have in your home. 


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Hannah x