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Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-4.5kg

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Nourish your soul at Bliss with our spiritual collection. We have a range of holistic and healing products to cleanse and protect your home, your life and your soul.

Create a relaxing and calm ambience in your home or office with our Himalayan Salt Lamp. Let the warm glow cast a beautiful light and energy throughout your home.

Himalayan Salt lamps host an array of health and environmental benefits which make them beneficial for the home.

Salt lamps are here to stay. This health trend didn't become so popular because they look so great. They're born out of a long tradition of using salt to boost health. In addition to create a calm and cozy atmosphere, they can ease ailments ranging from insomnia and depression to asthma.

These stunning lamps have a soft glow creating a natural source of fresh, clean air perfect for anywhere in the house, but are recommended for smelly and smoky areas, pet areas, bedrooms, around computers, TVs and electrical equipment.

They are also commonly used in spas and yoga studios to help cultivate a calming atmosphere as well as beautiful light and energy.

Our salt lamps are made from Himalayan Salt crystals crafted in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan.

Each lamp is handcrafted so that each one is unique.

Approx 3-4.5kg in size and comes in a lovely gift box.

Comes with instructions.

Bliss Gifts & Homewares- Your Soul, Your BLISS xx