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Gemstone Spray Bottles - BUY 4 GET 1 FREE


Nourish your soul at Bliss with our spiritual collection. We have a range of holistic and healing products to cleanse and protect your home, your life and your soul.

These gemstone spray bottles are a wonderful way to enjoy the amazing healing powers of combining your essential oils with gemstones. Inherent energies of different stones offer various benefits.

Available in 5 designs

  • Tiger Eye: Focus
    A stone of luck and good fortune, promotes focus, creativity and self-worth.
  • Clear Quartz: Energy
    Powerful manifestation stone, amplifies energies of other stones restores balance in the body. 
  • Rose Quartz: Love
    A stone of lover, tenderness and sensuality, restores trust and harmony in relationships and within the self. 
  • Amethyst: Sooth
    Stone of spiritual healing and enlightenment. It promotes peace, love, courage and spiritual happiness. 
  • Carnelian: Prosperity 
    Stone for luck, concentration and passion, protects against negativity, while encouraging the love of life. 

BUY 4 GET 1 FREE - Complimentary free gemstone spray bottle, chosen at random after you purchase 4 gemstone spray bottles in ONE order.

Disclaimer: These bottles contains crystal gemstones, and do NOT contain any essential oils or perfume. We do not recommend to use our aroma oils with these spray bottles as they are not made for the skin. Use essential oils only.

Bliss Gifts & Homewares - Your Soul, Your BLISS xx