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Element Candle - Water

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Nature’s elements of fire, air, water and earth embody their own sense of power in the universe.

Through aroma, Salt&Pepper''s ELEMENTAL fragrance range radiates earthy, mineral tones to bring the mind and body back to nature.

Essential Oils are sourced from Europe and are of the highest quality, ensuring a pure release of aroma slowly over time.

ELEMENTAL WATER features energising, calming and balancing notes blended with bergamot, rose and ambergris blend harmoniously together to bring water to life in the universe.

Doubles as a decor piece, this candle is perfect for setting the mood in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or office.

230g candle burns for up to 28 hours.

Salt&Pepper is Fashion For Your Home.

Each Salt&Pepper ELEMENTAL fragrance is the result of a careful blend of a number of different natural essential oils hand selected from perfumeries across Europe.

Each essential oil is selected for its role in creating the final fragrance.

To ensure a longer lifespan, ensure that after blowing out your candle, the wick is centred in the wax while it is still a liquid.

Trim the wick once the wax has solidified so it is no longer than 6mm above the wax.

Caution: Remove all packaging before lighting the candle. Avoid any unprotected surface that may be damaged by heat or dripping wax. Be sure to burn in a draft free area, away from flammable materials and overhanging surfaces. Never leave a candle burning unattended.

L: 8.5CM W: 8.5CMH: 13.2CM

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